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Caring for your glasses

The following instructions will help extend the life of your glasses.

1. Clean your glasses regularly, but with care

Your glasses should be cleaned regularly. Rinse them thoroughly to remove any dust or grit that could scratch the lenses, then wash them with soap and lukewarm water, and rinse. Never use hot water as it can damage lens coatings and plastic frames. You can use a soft toothbrush to clean around nose pads and hinges. Never use solvents on your glasses as they can damage your frames.

2. Protect your lenses

Be careful when using hair spays or other sprays around your glasses – they can coat the lenses and reduce your vision.

3. Put your glasses on and take them off the correct way

To put your glasses on, hold the temples (side pieces) about halfway down and push them gently over your ears. To remove your glasses, hold them mid-way down the temples, raise them so that they clear your ears, and then slide them forward. This way you will not disturb their alignment. Always use two hands to put your glasses on and take them off. If you use one hand you will flex the frame and over time it will not fit properly.

4. Get regular adjustments

No matter how careful you are, you will find your spectacles periodically will need adjustment. Typically your glasses will start slipping down your nose or become uncomfortable. Come and visit us regularly to have your glasses adjusted to ensure continued comfort and good vision.

5. Avoid scratches

When you put your glasses down, always make sure that the lenses do not touch anything. This will help keep them scratch-free and bright. Better still, keep them in their protective case.