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What is vision therapy?

Many important skills are needed in order for your visual system to work efficiently. Sometimes these skills don’t develop the way they should. This happens for a variety of reasons, some of which are unknown.

Vision therapy is a service provided by our optometrists and trained vision therapist to help people improve their visual abilities. Vision therapy works to improve these basic abilities, much like occupational therapy or speech therapy works to improve other basic skills. Each program of vision therapy is designed to suit the specific needs of the individual, both in terms of their visual profile and their goals. Training procedures and the use of lenses and prisms may be an integral components of the successful treatment of a vision problem. Vision therapy is not used to strengthen eye muscles, but to improve the co-ordination and efficient functioning and processing of the visual system.

Our vision therapy program consists of:

* 6 once a week, one on one sessions, in office with an optometrist or our vision therapist.

* You will be guided through activities designed to correct visual processing problems and/or build your visual skills.

* These activities are often fun, though challenging.

* Aim is then to work on these activities at home during the week, for approximately 15 minutes a day.

If you think that your child, yourself or someone you know is experiencing visual problems and could benefit from vision therapy, the first step is to schedule an appointment with us. Your optometrist will perform a complete vision examination that includes a skills assessment, and will explain exactly what course of action would be best for you or your child.