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Who can benefit from vision therapy

The following symptoms can all indicate that your vision isn’t working at its best and that you may have a vision problem.

* Blurred vision: This may occur either in the distance or close up.

* Headaches: These may develop especially following close-up work, and occur near the eyes, forehead, or at the back of the head.

* Double vision: Seeing two of something when only one exists.

* Suppression: This occurs while both eyes are being used to view normally visual objects. The brain blocks or ignores all or part of the objects in one eye to avoid seeing double.

* Poor or erratic performance: This can involve losing your place while reading, re-reading words or lines, difficulty understanding what you’ve read, or reading slowly. Or it can involve having difficulty with sports, dropping the ball, over or under throwing, or poor hitting.

* Discomfort or fatigue: This can involve body tension, stress or pain, or weariness at the end of a school day or a work day.

However, in many cases the proper glasses, contact lenses, or a combination of vision therapy and glasses can improve, prevent, or remedy vision problems for both children and adults. Please consult with one of our optometrist to see if you are a candidate for vision therapy.