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Vivid Vision

The latest technology for treatment of amblyopia and strabismus is now available at RA Optometrists. Make your appointment today to treat your lazy eye and experience 3D for the first time.

Vivid Vision

Current lazy eye treatments stem back to the early 1700s. This doesn’t mean it should stay that way. What if you could use therapeutic video games instead of patching?

What is involved?

  • A comprehensive examination with your Behavioural Optometrist will uncover your degree of amblyopia and / or strabismus
  • A customised program will be discussed and created for your condition
  • In office treatment sessions are run for 6 weeks in duration
  • There are two 30-min sessions per week at the practice during your 6-week program.
  • Home activities will be required during your program. The commitment at home is no more than 5 minutes per day and we will provide your equipment
  • Your in-office visit will be with our trained Vision Therapist or one of our optometrists.
  • A review appointment with your optometrist will assess your progress.

Vivid Vision

What happens in a session?

  • You will be standing with the head-mounted display and you will be able to move around freely.
  • Our therapist will adjust specific elements of each game to your match your level of visual development. These will be adjusted each time to encourage your brain to develop better levels of 3D vision
  • When wearing the head display, you will undertake four different games. These will be in virtual reality space and require movement of your arms. You can sit if needed.

Current research

A study conducted by UVEA Mediklinik was released in 2015 with patients using the Vivid Vision device. In that study, 60% of patients showed an increase in visual acuity of 1-3 lines after just 8, forty-five minute sessions of Vivid Vision.

Many studies are currently being undertaken and we will bring you the results of these as soon as they become available.


This is a treatment that works for adults as well as children. It was previously thought that treatment of lazy eye could not be successful past a certain age. Changes in technology and increasing knowledge of brain neurology means this is no longer the case.

Vivid reports over 95% success rate from patients treated due to the immersive effect of virtual reality and the fun and intuitive games.


Book your appointment today. We look forward to partnering with you in your 3-D journey.